BIS Workshop 1: Prioritising a Conscience – Why Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Matter to New Zealand Businesses


What does sustainability entail? Is it just about being environmentally friendly or is it more than that?
Is sustainability a factor in attracting investment? Do investee companies with a sustainability focus or awareness perform better than those without such a focus?
How does sustainability impact recruitment and talent management?
Can businesses afford not to be observing sustainability principles? What is the reputational risk of being a laggard with sustainability?
What are the benefits to shareholders, staff, customers and the wider public when a business observes good sustainability practices?
Are New Zealand company directors sufficiently up to speed with sustainability?
Is sustainability only for big corporates or should it be a focus for SMEs too?
What is the difference between sustainability and corporate social responsibility?
How can businesses maximise returns from observing good sustainability practices?

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